April 23, 2018 End of the World Hypocrisy

The Endtimes Speculator community is at it again – throwing their own under the bus for naming specific “end of the world dates.” Just one problem: they commit the exact same sin every single day.

The Endtimes Speculator Hobbyists and Professionals have once again come out and criticized a fellow believer, David Meade, for predicting the exact date of the rapture/end of the world: today, April 23, 2018.

And rightly so. Each time a person steps forward, uses the name of Christ, and makes a false prediction about the End, they hurt the reputation of every believer, and worse, they hurt the name of Jesus Christ.

Why? Because in essence, people like Meade are lying. Christians are supposed to be truth-bearers in a fallen world, a world that lies for a living. 

The saddest part of this is, though, is that the very same people criticizing guys like Meade (and Harold Camping, etc) are committing the same sin. They lie constantly about the End of the World as we know it.

Predicting a Timeframe Is the Same as Predicting an Exact Time, In Essence.

Every day there is a continuous stream of YouTube videos, blog posts and Facebook messages declaring “Jesus is coming SOON! Get Ready!” Or “Why we are the last generation before Jesus comes”. Or “Trump Declares Jerusalem the Capital of Israel. Is this the End?”

This is no different than naming a date. Let me illustrate with the following scenario.

Let’s say you have been working for a company for several years, and doing well. One day in early 2018, your boss calls you into his office and says: “Great news! The company is doing very well. The signs of our success are everywhere: profits are up, cash flow is strong, the stock price has never been higher, and the overall economy is doing well. Things look really great, really positive.

We know that you had a lot to do with our success, so we are going to give you a big, fat bonus check soon. I don’t know exactly when, but it’s coming soon, based on the signs.”

You would probably leave that meeting with a really good feeling. You might go home and start talking to your spouse about the coming year in pretty excited terms. Maybe you can do that remodeling job you had been putting off. Maybe pay off debt. Or go on that trip you wanted to take. Or all three!

All of this based on your boss’s promise of a “soon coming bonus check.”

What would happen if a month went by and the check didn’t come? You might be OK with that. How about two months? Three months? Meanwhile, it seems the company is still doing great. You can follow the stock price and other indicators, and they all look good. Would you wonder what’s going on? 

Maybe you would (nervously) approach your boss and ask him. He says “I know, the signs of our company’s strength are still there, that bonus check is coming soon, I promise! Don’t worry! Keep looking for it!”

Summer comes, and no bonus check. Then Fall comes, you can see the end of the year, and still no check! It’s been almost 9 months since your boss made the original promise. In fact every so often, he pops into your office and says “things still look good, your bonus is coming soon!”

If this continued on, what would you think of your boss? Would you think the man is a LIAR?

What if you approached him in October again and challenged him about your bonus, and his answer was “Hey, I never told you an exact date! I just told you soon, based on the signs.” Would you think the man was a truth-teller?

So how is that any different than a boss who promises a bonus ON July 1 at 12 noon, and fails to pay it then?

Why Don’t These Endtimes Speculators Just Preach What They Know? The 100% Certainty of Judgment.

So far, exactly 0 people have missed a rapture and endured 7 years of hell on earth before the end of the planet.

But millions – billions – have died in their sins.

And 100% of humanity will face judgment someday. Every single person who ever lived will stand before God. Every person alive on April 23, 2018 – or any other day – will face their Creator and give an account. You need to be ready for that. Eternity is at stake.

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