Geoffrey Grider Continues to Ride Middle East War Rumors to Feed His Hype Machine

Geoffrey Grider’s “Now The End Begins” website has long been a hype machine, riding the wave of various news reports to keep the visitors flowin’ and his machine rollin’.

But lately he has sunk to new lows, boasting that he has been at the forefront of predictions about Middle East trouble.

We have been telling you for months now that open war with Israel and Iran is unavoidable, and that is exactly what’s playing out right now. The only question is how many other countries are going to side with Iran – Russia, China, Syria, Lebanon – once the action finally does start? That swooshing sound you’re hearing right now is Bible prophecy leaping off it’s pages and into the headlines. Make sure you’ve circled May 14th on your calendar…

Brother Geoffrey apparently plans on riding the May 14th Magical Date as long as possible. Claiming his site is “YOUR FRONT LINE DEFENSE AGAINST THE RISING TIDE OF DARKNESS IN THE LAST DAYS BEFORE THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH” (source), Geoffrey has indeed been telling his readers for almost 2 years that a Middle East war was coming, and more importantly, it is ushering in the end of the world as we know it.

Time will eventually run out on Mr. Grider, and even if he is 100% correct about all of his world events predictions, he is 0% correct about the most important prediction. But more on that later.

Here’s a timeline of Geoffrey’s claims:

February, 2016: Geoffrey supports Donald Trump for US president early in the campaign. He correctly predicts Trump would “be the far-and-away winner for the Republican party nomination for president.” His reasons for supporting Trump are essentially that Trump is not a politician, but a true leader that will tear down Obama’s evils and shake up the establishment in Washington.

May, 2016: Geoffrey again offers his support for Trump, now based on the notion that Trump will shake not just Washington establishment, but the “entire world” as well. Pointing out that “unGodly” kings of the past, such as Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus and Pharaoh have all been used of God for His purposes, Geoffrey predicts God will use Trump in the same way. Worldwide. Traffic to NTEB spikes as curious visitors question his claims.

November, 2017: Trump is elected president, and Geoffrey begins to predict that Trump’s promises to move the USA embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Trump’s general support of Israel and his shaking up of the Washington party lines, would result in things becoming “unglued” and that there would most assuredly be a “global shaking”. Upon Trump’s election, Geoffrey begins to tie the Number 70 into his predictions. He then predicts that the promised embassy move could result in the “Psalm 83 War”. This war, it is said, is a precursor to the rest of Israel’s end-time woes.

December, 2017: After reneging on the embassy move promise in June, Trump is the first US president to issue a formal proclamation that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and promises that he will immediately begin the process of moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Geoffrey makes the strange statement that the LORD has “[put] on Trump’s heart to do [HIS] will” in this regard.

February, 2018: Trump announces that the embassy move will be timed with Israel’s 70th Independence Day, May 14, 2018. Geoffrey Grider, barely able to contain his excitement, states:

Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than this. Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem is not in Bible prophecy, but the events that this move could trigger certainly are…

And what are those events? See above – the Psalm 83 War, where presumably people will die, children will be fatherless, mothers and fathers will grieve, innocent people will lose their livelihoods, their homes, and possibly life and limb. But according to Geoffrey, “it doesn’t get much better than this.” No Geoffrey, it gets worse – for the people in the path of the destruction. I guess it doesn’t matter to you and me, since these people live on the other side of the world. It might matter a little more if this was happening in Florida.

April, 2018: Trump orders a cruise missile attack on Syria as retaliation for alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government on its own citizens. While his website visitors proclaim their excitement of a coming World War 3, Geoffrey states that this is a “potential fulfillment of Bible prophecy.”

We here at NTKC want to make the following points for the record:

  • Geoffrey Grider is implicitly, if not explicitly, supporting war. He is looking forward to these events being carried out; indeed, he is excited about them. Our response: your system teaches that we will know when Jesus is returning, and that war in the Middle East is a major sign of that event. As such, your system teaches that war in the Middle East is something about which to be complacent, if not excited. This goes directly against several scriptures declaring that a follower of Christ is to be on the side of peace (2 Tim 2:22, Heb 12:14, Matt 5:9).
  • In the last few months, Geoffrey Grider has begun claiming that it was HE who has been predicting that Trump would move the embassy to Jerusalem. Our response: No, Geoffrey, you did not predict Trump would move the embassy. Trump did. You merely believed him.
  • Geoffrey has been proclaiming that events surrounding May 14 have the potential to be prophetic, particularly the embassy move, Trump’s peace deal, and the Syrian conflict. Our response: it is interesting that the embassy move did not fuel any of the current trouble, rather, the Syrian conflict did. And thus far Israel has not directly been a player in that conflict. Yet Geoffrey subtly has switched his predictive model. Instead of the embassy move leading to the Psalm 83 war leading to the rapture, Geoffrey now claims that basically any Middle East excitement or conflict was part of his predictions.

I want you to notice something very important here, and very subtle. Geoffrey intends to continue to boast that he, as a true watchman, as the content provider in “YOUR FRONT LINE DEFENSE” in these last days, predicted all of this. Notice the frequency that Geoffrey proclaims “we have been telling you for months…”

And he has now arranged all of his information gathering and content syndication carefully so that ANYTHING that happens in the next few weeks will prove that he is a True Watchman. And he will ceaselessly remind his readers of that.

Here’s my message to Geoffrey: enjoy yourself, because your time is short. All of this has to lead to one particular event: the church must be whisked away to heaven prior to 7 years of hell on earth. When that doesn’t happen, we predict it will be back to Square One for Geoffrey and the rest of the hypesters.

We can hardly wait to see what happens when Trump is out of office.

If you are a believer, please don’t be taken in by hype, speculation and confusion. Open your mind. There are other very Biblical answers to these questions. The Bible consists of far more than the 100 or so verses that these self-proclaimed “Watchmen” use. The Bible was written 1950-4000 years ago, and it had an original audience. Read the Bible with that in mind, and believe its simple words. Allow the Holy Spirit to show you what the words mean.

If you are a nonbeliever, know this: your time on this earth is short. We will all face our Creator at His throne someday, and give an account for our lives. If you are not covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, you will be found lacking. Click here to learn the plan of salvation.

11 thoughts on “Geoffrey Grider Continues to Ride Middle East War Rumors to Feed His Hype Machine”

  1. Saying that one’s website is “front line defence” against rising tide of darkness in the last days is so pretentious and boastful, to say the least.

    I used to like reading things on his website until some 2 to 3 years ago, when I started figuring out something rather wrong with his theology, but that’s a long story!

    1. I noticed that too. And his comments to others carried a tone of sarcasm and anger. Which contradicts the biblical treatment of others whether you agree with them or not. Now he’s selling cbd oil on his site, inviting others to join him in his business. I was appalled, he’s completely lost it!

      1. Hi Bella. I might seem harsh on him, but I see it this way:
        1. He is idolizing Trump. In his eyes Trump can do no wrong
        2. While he rails at the “liberal left wing fake news mainstream media”, it looks like NTEB itself has become a fake news website of his own making

  2. And now he’s selling cbd oil on his end times news site. Asking for people to send money to be a part of this scheme. He’s become completely unraveled.

    1. I saw that as well. He hit his peak of web visitors back during the Trump campaign, and the subsequent election. He correctly foretold that Trump would win.

      Then he blew all of the capital that he had gained by predicting the 70th anniversary month of May 2018 would be an unprecedented time of prophecy.

      That failed, and his traffic has continued to plummet. He seems to be desperate.

  3. As a Messianic Jew, I find it insulting when Gentile Christians preach that the Church will be rescued by rapture and the Jewish people have to suffer through a “Time of Jacobs Trouble”.

    This kind of theology minimizes and undetscores the horrific nature of 2000 years of Christian persecution of Jews via demonic replacement theology, the Crusades, Pogroms, and the Holocaust.

    Revelation 12:14-17 clearly describe the mid-trib rapture of Israel the Woman in Labor, which is followed by the persecution of some of Yeshua’s followers. Genesis 37:9 define Israel as the Woman, Isaiah 26:17-21 is the Old Testament account of the “Jewish Rapture”, as written in 1 Thessalonian 4:15-17.

    To separate the rapture of the Jewish people from the rapture of the Church is nothing less than un-grafting one’s self from the promises to the Jewish people, as Paul warned against in Romans 11:20-21.

    1. …I applaud you for becoming a Christian; however, what you say is, division, I suppose it is a fulfillment of God’s promises to both Christian and Jew~! The raptures are a fact, and I can prove it six ways from Sunday~! There are two raptures, and that’s caused a lot of confusion as to when they’re going to happen~? The rapture of the Church has to occur before the 70th-week ~! The number seventy, doesn’t that number ring a bell~? Think about this:
      The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is 7 years long,
      The Great Tribulation is 7 years long.
      Immediately after the end of the 7 years, we go directly into the millennial Kingdom and rule alongside our King, for a thousand years. To do that, we (True Christians) will have already celebrated the marriage feast of the lamb. At the same time, great persucution happens during a like period; there is no other 7 year period in which the marriage could take place. People confuse the rapture of the tribulation Saints, at the end of the first 3 1/2 years, with the rapture of the Church, The Bride of Christ~! When you accept the rapture of the tribulation Saints, that is the only mid-trib rapture~! A Rapture at the end of the wrath of God is impossible, makes no sense, and is utterly ridiculous~!

    1. Nonsense. Your traffic has been steadily going down and you know it. You lie about everything, why not lie about how popular your blog is? If your site is doing so well, why can’t you support yourself with advertising? If you are really getting more visits than you shouldn’t have to ask for money. You are arrogant and I know better than most of your idiot audience and followers. You aren’t getting away with this, you snake.

  4. Hey Bruce. I just today discovered your site here and am enjoying it.
    However, I ask you to please reread your reply to Mr.Grider from January 18 of this year . It was wrong of you to call him a snake and his supporters idiots. That was not showing Love and you know it wasn’t Christ like. I Hope you reread it and Pray about it.

    1. I know what you are saying, but Grider is a proven liar and I have video to back it up. He has taken money from people and not been honest about what he is doing with the money, and despite repeated attempts by me to get answers (along with my assurance that my video would be removed), the only responses I have gotten from him are “You’re a coward, a stinking coward.” And, a veiled threat: “Come visit me anytime in St. Augustine so we can discuss in person.” Here is a link to my video showing Grider’s conflicts in how he treats donations:

      Not all of his followers are idiots, but my designation of idiot followers is accurate. He has idiot followers. They defend him no matter what the charges, without looking at all sides of the issue. And again, I have the evidence to back it up.

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