Israel Threatens Russia, Gets Smacked with Heavy Rains and Floods and Death; Speculator Community Pays No Attention

The Endtimes Speculator Community is quick to jump on the USA when a natural disaster occurs around the time the government makes “anti-Israel” decisions, or even dares to question what Israel does. They claim God is punishing America. Did God punish Israel this week after they threatened Russia?

Several news outlets around the world reported on Wednesday (April 24) that Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned Russia that his country would attack Russian S-300 air defense systems in Syria if they were used against Israeli targets.

Acting quickly, Endtimes Speculator outlets sprang into action, excitedly reporting that this was yet another Sign of the End, and surely the war they were waiting for was on the horizon. That remains to be seen.

But the very next day, stormy weather caused serious damage and power outages across Israel, claiming the lives of at least nine Israeli children. Strangely the very same crowd who attempts to tie every deadly weather pattern in the USA back to God’s displeasure with our dealings with Israel, didn’t seem to think this deadly weather attack was a sign from God.

What these prophecy people don’t seem to comprehend is that their views don’t align with the rest of their doctrine – let alone with scripture. The very concept of a future rapture to heaven prior to 7 years of hell on earth is based upon the notion that God has “paused” His program with Israel during the “Church Age”, and will resume His prophetic program with them after the church is gone.

  1. The same doctrine teaches that God is not dealing with Israel prophetically at this time.
  2. The church is still here, therefore God’s program for Israel is still on “pause.”
  3. Therefore God is not dealing with Israel prophetically.
  4. If God isn’t dealing with Israel right now, then why is He holding other countries accountable for how we deal with Israel?

It’s all utter nonsense, of course. Floods are a regular occurrence in Israel whether they threaten Russia or not.

Do Endtimes Speculators think God doesn’t care about Russians?

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