As Usual, JD Farag and Other Endtimes Speculators Swear they Aren’t Date-Setting…As They Set Dates

Just because Speculators don’t name May 14, 2018 as the Date of the Rapture or the Second Coming, doesn’t mean they aren’t effectively setting dates anyway.

Case in point: uber-Speculator JD Farag, who thought it was appropriate to call an emergency prophecy update this week in light of the upcoming 70th Anniversary of the modern state of Israel.

JD Farag is a humble man, at least in the sense that he is not seeking fame and fortune and instead has somehow stumbled into filling the soon-empty shoes of men like Hal Lindsey.

But his video on May 10 clearly shows the obvious internal conflict he and others have as the inevitable tide of the news changes. Some noteworthy quotes from his clip show that he desperately wants to be taken seriously about the urgency of what is happening, while simultaneously not being held accountable when time passes without a rapture.

The same thing can be said of his authority overall. JD is clearly uncomfortable with the title of “expert in Bible prophecy”, because it’s an awesome responsibility to carry. At the same time, he wants everyone to accept what he says every week, and he really does want lots of video views. I don’t think I have to state this, but I will anyway for the record: JD Farag wants to bring people to Jesus Christ so they can be saved. That is his ultimate goal, and it is a wonderful goal to have.

But that doesn’t mean his theology is correct, and that doesn’t mean he has to take on the responsibility of being a spokesman for what is coming upon planet earth. In his May 10 video he says:

Don’t be like Job’s so-called friends and put words in my mouth like they did with him, suggesting he said things that he never said. I am not suggesting anything, I am not saying anything, except…it is the 70th anniversary of the rebirth of the nation of Israel and that is very significant. and when you take collectively everything that has happened heretofore, leading up to that may 14th date, it is compelling…again, I am not suggesting anything, but with everything that is happening, I think we would do well to be very watchful in the next few days, to see what’s going to happen, and especially in light of, and in concert with, the things…that have just happened in the last four days…”

He says he “cringes” when people say he is the “go-to person when it comes to Bible prophecy.” He is right to cringe. But he puts himself out there. Telling people you aren’t “suggesting anything” and then proceeding to suggest all kinds of things isn’t really all that honest. JD Farag is suggesting plenty of things, otherwise why is he taking over an hour to give everyone an “Urgent Bible Prophecy Update” at this point?

JD challenges the notion that Trump won’t do a “peace agreement” that ostensibly leads to the 7 year Tribulation. He goes on to say:

We need to be very careful, and very prayerful, when it comes to dismissing out of hand that which we know to be true in the pages of Holy writ. And my Bible tells me that this is exactly what’s going to happen. And when you just factor in all of the other geopolitical developments that have taken place, and you put them all together collectively, it just makes sense that it’s all coming to a head…you can only stretch a rubber band so far so long before it snaps. And I would submit that it’s about to snap at any time. That’s why I have such an urgency.

How is this not “suggesting anything”? An honest person can put these pieces together. JD Farag says he isn’t setting dates or suggesting things, but then he says that the current situation with Israel, Syria, Iran and the United States IS prophecy coming to pass. How is that any different than setting a specific date?

JD Farag can create plenty of urgency in the lives of every person who watches his videos, no matter what the news of the day might suggest. People who have yet to make a decision for Christ don’t know what their future holds. Their lives can end in a heartbeat. Nobody knows when their Day of Reckoning will be, and all … 100% … of humanity will face the judgment and give an account to their creator. People who are Christians are given this life to live for their Lord and King, Jesus, and should serve Him in part by being a witness to the lost. Nothing should stop us from doing so.

Yet JD Farag seems to think it’s incumbent upon him to release “urgent prophecy news” regarding current situations in the world, tell everyone that these situations are in the Bible, 70,000+ people watch the video (as of May 12), and then he wants people to apparently back off from promoting him as a “go to prophecy” guru.

Will anyone hold this man accountable? Starting with his own congregation?


2 thoughts on “As Usual, JD Farag and Other Endtimes Speculators Swear they Aren’t Date-Setting…As They Set Dates”

  1. Pastor JD has never set a date for the rapture ever, and he discourages anyone else from setting a date. There are others who speculate about certain time frames to watch, but that is different from others who have said it will absolutely happen on a particular date. I do want to mention that Matthew 24:36 Is in no way whatsoever speaking of the rapture, but yes it is foolish to say that it will absolutely happen on a certain date. This being said, we are seeing the signs of the last days that Jesus told us to watch for.

    1. Sure, there are differences between saying “The rapture will happen on May 14, 2018” and saying “The rapture will happen in my lifetime” or “the rapture will happen soon.”

      But the effect is the same. When “soon” passes by without a rapture, we look like liars.

      And when this generation alive today moves on, with no rapture, we look like liars.

      And lying is lying.

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