Prophetic Month of May Fails to Deliver; Fatigue Threatens to Divert Attention Away from Endtimes Speculator Community

Once again, endtimes hype has failed to deliver. And once again, the Speculators have simply moved on, pretending they had no part in such hype.

Not surprisingly, the Speculators have failed again in their prediction that May 2018 would be “hugely prophetic.” Even they are admitting that while the move of the American Embassy to Jerusalem coinciding with the 70th birthday of the modern state of Israel caused tension and some violence, it did not bring anything significant.

We certainly can all agree that no Christians were whisked to heaven.

Also not surprisingly, the Speculator community has failed to own up to their failure and have simply moved on.

Every Speculator knows that jumping on a bandwagon carries risks with the reward. They will lose followers if (when) the prediction fails to yield a rapture or come to pass at all. They know that a fresh set of newbies will come along soon enough – those who have not yet lived through enough failed predictions – fresh ears ready to be tickled, imaginations ready for fun.

But that doesn’t stop them from trying to stop the bleeding, and they have various methods to scramble to hang on to their audience and retain some semblance of credibility.

Gary Stearman has chosen to show compassion to those who are weary of watching, while reminding them that true Christians never give up the fight.

Similarly, JD Farag actually told his followers to quit calling him a prophecy expert. “Don’t put that on me!” he scolded, reminding them that what really matters is the Gospel. It’s funny how suddenly the plain old Gospel is really “what matters” when Speculators run out of steam. For the moment, anyway.

Geoffrey Grider has been flooding his website with an endless barrage of general news stories, Sinner Alerts, technology hype and Scary Left Wing hit pieces. Not a single mention of May, of 1948 or the Number 70. An obvious attempt to brazenly show that he ain’t scared to be wrong. There also might be an attempt to bury his numerous boastful posts that he had rightly predicted the May Prophetic Explosion. As I predicted (yes, Geoffrey, I can boast too) Grider has not quoted Jeremiah 29:10 since mid-May, and I don’t think we will see that verse from him again.

Robert Breaker is still clinging to the Revelation 12 Sign and claims that June will signify 9 months of gestation coming to an end. In this video he claims that if August or September or October comes to pass and nothing happens, he “will be the first to say that September 23 2017 meant nothing.” And he “almost hopes” he can say that, so “we can put all of this behind us.”