We Are In an End-Times Lull, so Geoffrey Grider Casually Switches Web Content

Hilariously, Geoffrey Grider has gone all but silent on the “The End Has Begun” hype that filled his web site, until May 14th came and went without a whisper.

Now Geoffrey can only post about daily news events that get his readership slightly ruffled. His website has been brimming over with an ongoing parade of posts featuring:

  • The World Is Sliding into Hell, Just Look at what the Left is Doing
  • Mark of the Beast Technology Continues to Rise
  • The Pope is the Devil
  • Israel Is Still Blowing Things Up

It is often said that the Speculation Community is filled with doom and gloom. That’s a fair statement. There is virtually never a single word mentioned on Geoffrey’s website that supports what God is doing in the world. Only a constant reminder that people are evil. People outside of Geoffrey and HIS world, that is.

To whit, looking at a snapshot of current posts:

nteb feed july 2018

Mark Zuckerberg loses money really really fast – and Geoffrey couldn’t be happier. What will Geoffrey do when Zuck makes all of that value back after things calm down?

“Theybies” are apparently all the rage, if you consider 0.00000000001% of the population a large number.

And of course, can’t have a week without a post about Pope Frank. Even if you have to lie a little bit about when he met with the lying “journalist”. Hey, God doesn’t care if people lie, as long as they are lying while quoting the KJV.

Then there’s this really strange post the other day that I am betting did not resonate well with Geoffrey’s core audience:

nteb pyramids

Really Geoffrey? Do you curl up every night with Clarence Larkin’s book? What does this have to do with JESUS and what HE is doing in the world, or in the hearts of mankind?

To be fair, Geoffrey isn’t the only Professional Speculator drifting aimlessly around. Jan Markel has been on the circuit lately, complaining about people not listening to her as much anymore and sliding into End Times malaise. She even ran a repeat of a speech she did at a prophecy conference on her YouTube channel:

jan markel repeat

Notice she has slightly tampered her enthusiasm…”Why We MAY BE the Terminal Generation.”

4 thoughts on “We Are In an End-Times Lull, so Geoffrey Grider Casually Switches Web Content”

  1. Hello Bruce Peters,

    I am Arthur Cormode who was on Now the End Begins.

    I noticed you got banned for supposedly abusive behaviour.

    It’s funny that Edwitness is allowed to preach the heretical Moral Government Theology with absolutely no censorship. If you are not up to speed on this heresy, Charles Finney taught it in the 1800s and Jesse Morrell is teaching it right now.

    A dozen or so of the Bible believers with discernment have called him out on his heretical doctrine plus abusive behaviour. Geoffrey Grider who grandstands about the Laodicean church, sits back and compares us to his children and to stop squabbling. So much for his mission statement. Lol.

    For that reason, I am leaving the website. His tolerance of clear heresy undermines his whole ministry.

    Note that I still do not agree with your escatological views but I count you as a Brother in Christ. We have the same goals.

    Shalom and God bless you,
    Arthur Cormode

    1. Thank you Arthur. I am sorry this took me so long to allow on my blog. I have not been keeping up with it. I think I will be more attentive to it since it seems to be gaining some traction. I trust that you will find joy in Christ as you seek the truth! God bless….

  2. Amazing how people get suckered into sites like Grider’s! Must be very low IQ and cannot think for themselves. Grider, obviously, IS a false teacher and false prophet. This venal clown is only out for his idol, which of course is MONEY! Don’t support his nonsense and don’t give him any MONEY, fool!

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