Jesus is NOT Coming Soon. Here Are Some Signs.

Jesus returning
Jesus’ ascension by Gebhardt Fugel.

Hey folks, I just want to encourage you all today with something…and that is, based on the signs, we can know with certainty that Jesus is NOT coming soon.

Now, I am just waiting for the mockers and scoffers to shout me down and insist I am wrong. But guys, you all insist that we can know the season by the signs. I look around and I don’t see any signs. So…this isn’t it. We are definitely NOT in the season.

Imagine someone waking up from a coma after being unconscious for 10 years. They don’t know what day it is, or even what year it is. They throw back the curtains and look outside….they can know the season pretty well.

That’s me. I know the season we are in. And it’s a season of occupying. After all, the Lord has put me here to begin with, saved me, and has work for me to do. And He has left me here. I am supposed to stay here, obviously, and therefore so are you.

I know what some of you are thinking. “How DARE you say such things?”

Look, as we know, nobody knows the Day or Hour. So if people are allowed to make entire careers out of End Times Speculation, built around the idea that Jesus is coming “soon”, then I can insist that He is not coming soon. After all, where in the Bible does it say I have to tell people He’s coming “soon”?

Let’s run a few scriptural tests on what I am saying.

In one place, Jesus said that evil people will say “My Master delayeth His coming” and begin to beat their servants. I am not doing that. I am not saying Jesus is delaying anything. He is coming exactly as planned. I just don’t think it’s soon, based on looking around at the state of the world and the signs.

In another place, a favorite of the Speculators, Peter says that people will mock and scoff, walking after their own lusts, saying “Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.”

I’m not saying that either. For one thing, I don’t recognize “Fathers” because my Father is the Lord God, and Jesus is my Lord. There’s only one Father. So I would never say that, and I never do say that.

Secondly I never said that I doubt Jesus is coming, and never said “where is the promise” of it. I am simply agreeing that we can know the season! And the season isn’t here yet.

So let me give you some evidence.

Damascus is not a ruinous heap. Just go on YouTube and watch videos like this one from 2016, or this one from 2018. We have fewer wars and rumors of wars than anytime in the last 100 years. Violent crime is way down since 1979 in America. We have very little famine in comparison to other times and less pestilence than ever before. If you are waiting for me to send you evidence of this, go do your own research. I’m not here to feed you like a baby.

Are things perfect? Of course not. But are they worse than ever, globally, in all areas? No way. Over a billion people have been lifted out of poverty the past 20 years. Life expectancy the world over is higher. In America technology and advancements in all walks of life have greatly improved our quality of life.

Earthquakes? Sure, just like always. But I don’t believe we have reached the pinnacle of how many Jesus meant when He said “Earthquakes will increase in frequency and intensity right before I return.” (Oh wait…I can’t find where He said that. I will search the scriptures and post that verse when I do.)

We have 15-20 earthquakes a year that are considered “major” (7.0 and above). I believe it’s obvious that we need to get to around 1 per day, or 365 per year of that size, before we are really at the “birth.” Don’t buy that? Prove me wrong.

I’m just looking at the signs, bro! 

Wars and rumors of wars? Again, I look around and clearly, we have not reached the limit. The United States is at peace with 190 countries right now. I believe that at the end of the birth pains, the USA will be at war with AT LEAST 100 countries. And, I insist that the rest of the 190 countries of the world need to be at least talking about making war with everybody else on the planet. THAT, my friend, is “birth pains.”

Does this mean Jesus cannot come tomorrow? Of course not. No one knows the day or the hour. But at this point it looks really, really doubtful.

Anyone who says otherwise just has his head in the sand.