The Deceit and Doublespeak of the Endtimes Speculation Community

The Speculators are typically dispensationalists, pre-millennials, who believe we are the last generation of planet earth as we know it.

They spend most of their time reading the news and speculating about how it aligns with so-called “Bible Prophecy”, and insist that they are doing the Will of God in doing so. They preach at others who do not agree with them as being “mockers and scoffers” in the obvious Last Days, scorning anyone who dares to question their interpretation of the news.

Think about it: they actually think THEY know what the news means, and anyone who even questions them is walking after their own lusts. I have been called everything from a heretic to the devil himself. Maybe things are a little over the top? Does it smell like the Speculators are getting desperate?

Here are just a few ways that these people are deceived, speaking out of both sides of their mouth, generally deceiving others.

They want to be taken seriously for what they say, they want people to agree with them, they want their videos to go viral – but they don’t want to be held accountable when their predictions fail. A particularly egregious example is Jerry Toney who called people that didn’t accept the Revelation 12 as a sign of the rapture “so-called Christians”. In this YouTube video I call him out for his sheer arrogance.

They like being appreciated as prophecy watchers, but they bristle when someone refers to them as an “expert” or a teacher, or a prophet from God. Here is JD Farag – a Speculator with more than 100,000 YouTube followers – telling his audience NOT to call him an “expert”. He then urges his followers not to get too wrapped up in end of the world, but rather to “occupy.” Interesting, coming from a man who has said that the rapture is THE only hope for Christians.

They preach the soon-coming of Jesus with urgency, but when time passes and nothing happens, they want you to remember “it’s all in God’s perfect timing.” That’s where we are now, with multiple Speculators. Where was their sense of “God’s timing” in years past?

They insist that the existence of the state of Israel and other front-page news items are “proof that the Bible is the Word of God”, but when told that people may lose their faith when events don’t transpire, they say “those people never had real faith anyway.”

They tell us that war in the Middle East is a sure sign of the End, and when peace happens in the Middle East it’s a sure sign of the End because it’s a “false peace.”

They tell us that Daniel spoke of the End Times in the 21st century and our AI, robots, computers, sophisticated communications and travel technology, yet they insist also that an EMP or solar flare could knock us back to the Dark Ages which is ALSO a sign of The End.

They tell us it is absolutely wrong and stupid to “set a date” – meaning a specific date, such as January 1, 2019. At the same time, they insist we are “in the season”, as if a “season” isn’t just a larger date.

They scorn and name-call anyone who would dare to question that we are “absolutely” in the Last Days, accusing us of having our heads in the sand, or being blind, or plainly not a true believer. Meanwhile none of them behave as if they really believe we are mere months or a few short years from The End – they have yet to sell all they own and give it to the poor and commit to the Gospel 100%.

They insist they love Jews, while post-millennials or non-dispensationalists hate Jews. Meanwhile, they preach that “soon”, in our generation, Jesus will rapture all Christians (Jews and Gentiles alike), then proceed to pour out judgment and suffering upon the remaining 15 million+ Jews, who are alive right now (since we ARE the last generation). They teach that 2/3 of these 15 million Jews – around 10 million – will die in their sins and go to hell. One would think they would quit spending so much time talking to Christians about how “soon” Jesus is coming, and switch to an all-out evangelical effort directed at saving as many Jews as possible. Instead, they say “Maranatha” all the time, which essentially means they are begging Jesus to come as soon as possible, and get moving on the plan to send 10 million Jews to hell. And they “love” Jews???

Now do you understand my disdain for this Community? Where is the real love of the truth?