Now The End Begins Ignores Border Wall Fail In A Desperate Attempt To Deflect Unwavering Support For Donald Trump

Geoffrey Grider got kind of famous in 2015-2016, in the wake of some rather presumptuous predictions about Donald Trump and the Presidency. It seems that the party is over.

Grider of made some bold predictions when Donald Trump announced his candidacy. He turned out to be right about many of them: that Trump would win the nomination and then the election, and that Trump would keep his promise and move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Grider claims that people mocked him for those predictions, and no doubt they were outside of the mainstream. Traffic to his site skyrocketed because of these bold declarations, the overall controversy, and Grider’s apparent prescient abilities.

Strangely, Grider then proceeded to destroy all of the capital he had gained by putting the NTEB Hype Train into overdrive, predicting that Trump would usher in the End of Days.

It seems that Grider believes Israel’s glory is directly tied to what America does, or what America thinks. So much so that merely proclaiming the address change of the American Embassy would result in “the greatest period of prophecy fulfillment” in his lifetime.

Big bold prediction.

The thinking was this:

  • Donald Trump said he would move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and declare that Jerusalem was the eternal capital of the state of Israel.
  • Therefore, it was God’s Plan that Trump would be elected.
  • So when Trump got elected, he won the election solely because of this promise.
  • Trump kept that promise and moved the embassy on May 14, 2018, the 70th birthday of the Jewish state.
  • Thus we can only conclude that May of 2018 would be a time of unparalleled Bible Prophecy.

As we all know, May of 2018 came and went, mostly a giant yawn. As I predicted on this site, Grider switched off the “70 year prediction” posts. Since then he has stuck to mostly hand-wringing about how wicked the world is getting, along with a curious plea for money at the end of last summer.

Which brings us to today. If you have kept up with the news at all, Trump’s tough stance on the border wall resulted in the longest partial government shutdown in US history, ending with a concession by the President to at least open the government again. President Trump has so far not received the money he wanted.

But in this past week of breaking news, Geoffrey Grider said nothing at all about it. Instead he continued to beat up on the Roman Catholic Church and the usual assortment of known Christian enemies:

Nothing about Trump’s border wall!!

I am not yet accusing Grider of failing to hold Trump accountable. It’s just interesting to see how his supposed “front line of defense against the rising tide of darkness in the last days” seems to go silent when predictions don’t go his way.

Is Geoffrey Grider truly ready for what comes next?

1 thought on “Now The End Begins Ignores Border Wall Fail In A Desperate Attempt To Deflect Unwavering Support For Donald Trump”

  1. I’ve noticed that ‘when all else fails, beat up the Catholic Church. They are a good punching bag’.

    I’m not Catholic, and I never would want to be, BUT, I would never use the Catholic church as a means to deflect my own stupidity. But it seems to be the popular thing to do. Mostly by cults, to gain attention, tho. Apparently, it’s common ground with the LONELY “religious” people that have nothing better to do, but to bash the Catholics. They are an easy target.

    Then they move on to a woman, Paula White. Hey, anyone married to a member of the Rock band Journey is OK in my book. Way to go Paula!!

    For those who have a GO FUND ME page, begging for money…if I ever see him bashing the prosperity people…well. You know.

    Ed Chapman

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