Trump Deal of the Century Released. Now We Wait for Disaster to Strike America.

Donald Trump has finally released his long-awaited “deal of the century”, the solution that supposedly is going to bring peace and security to the Middle East by tampering problems between Israel and the Palestinians.

The conflict has been raging for decades, and has roots in problems that stretch back millennia.

Endtimes Hobbyists and the Speculator community have long claimed that any semblance of a “land for peace” deal, or a “two state solution”, is against God’s will. It violates God’s authority over His “Holy Land” that He promised to Israel. It would be a slap in God’s face and a poke in the eye for His people, they claim.

Furthermore, the Endtimes Hobbyists claim that God has, in fact, hit America hard in the past when deals involving a two-state solution – or land for peace – have been struck.

The most famous example was the “Perfect Storm” that struck America’s Northeast on October 31, 1991 – one day after US President George Bush, Sr. opened the Madrid Conference with an expectation that Israel would trade “Land for Peace”.

This connection was first made by author John P. McTernan in his book As America Has Done to Israel, where he says:

[The Perfect] storm hit the President’s home the same day he initiated the Madrid Peace Conference. What awesome timing!…the president’s land was touched the day he attempted to touch the covenant land of Israel!

Endtimes Speculators, with absolutely zero authority, have decided that (sometimes) God defends “His Holy Land” by striking certain areas of the United States with natural disasters soon after a deal is made. Or even thought about.

Of course, they have no authority behind these claims. We don’t have a prophet from God who has declared that a certain Hurricane that struck during Hurricane Season, or an earthquake, or a snowstorm that struck during the Winter is actually a sign from God about anything – let alone punishment upon a President for his thoughts toward Israel.

That doesn’t stop the Speculators. Which brings me back to the point of this article. What will happen to America in the next 24 hours that they will point to?

Trump’s plan was released around Noon EDT today, January 28, 2020. The plan contains provisions for a two-state package. The plan does supposedly allow Israel to call Jerusalem its exclusive capital. But we have been told for decades now that a two-state deal will bring punishment and wrath from God on America. Particularly Florida and California.

I am putting this article together quickly in order to prove a point: this is a huge, publicized deal. Let’s see if anything happens.

UPDATE: Endtimes Hobbyist Barry Scarbrough just announced that God is already upset and beginning to shake things up. Apparently, a 7.7 earthquake in Jamaica that people felt in Miami is a little warning shot God fired across the bow:

Peace Plan released proposing TWO STATE SOLUTION. The USA has broken one of God’s most significant covenants with His people! Immediately afterward, a 7.7 earthquake strikes off Jamaica, causing Miami to be evacuated in some areas while celebrating Super Bowl week. GET READY folks, this was not a good decision on our part. US will pay the price.

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  1. Brother Bruce thanks for your insiteful information especially about J. D.Fraga. I don’t know if you saw his Prophecy Update on March 7, 2021 but at the 22:50-23:55 minute mark he said that he was talking about the Isaiah 17:1 Prophecy for 2, 3, 4 years and more but we know from your site that he said it was being fulfilled in 2013. Your absolutely right he is a false prophet. He needs to take his own advise and be a Berean! God Bless You keep up the good work.

    1. I did listen to Farag’s latest. He has gone off the rails. In the same video he stated that “everything you are seeing is an act, all of the people are actors”. He is sliding into Alex Jones territory! Thanks for commenting.

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