Geoffrey Grider of Now The End Begins Goes “All In” on Bill Gates

Geoffrey Grider of Now The End Begins is seizing the Coronavirus and worldwide pandemic opportunity to get back an audience. And he is putting all of his chips on this bet.

Grider is no stranger to hype. Between 2016 and 2018, he proclaimed that Donald Trump would usher in the End Times by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Geoffrey’s reasoning? Donald Trump won the Republican nomination and then the election by the supernatural power of God, therefore God’s will was for Trump to bring in the Apocalypse. Only makes sense.

May 14, 2018 was Geoffrey Grider’s due date. When Trump moved the Embassy and it officially opened on that day, Geoffrey was breathless with excitement. On a blog post the week before, he wrote this:

The amount of potential prophetical fulfillment packed into a single week is absolutely staggering. In exactly 7 days from today, regathered Israel will celebrated 70 years of being back in the land. I can just picture the prophets Daniel and Jeremiah looking down and high-fiving each other in anticipation (emphasis mine).

Yes, folks, this is what passes for a “minister of the Gospel” these days. Speculating that Daniel and Jeremiah are “high-fiving” each other in heaven over Trump’s change of embassy address. As they like to say, you can’t make this stuff up. And people take Grider seriously?

On his Sunday night podcast on April 13, 2018 Grider proclaimed:

Will Bible prophecy by fulfilled as regathered Israel celebrates 70 years? It is 4:01 am in Israel right now. May 14 is already 4 hours old, and the lead-up to this time could not be more of a nail-biter…there is so much happening right now I can barely keep a straight thought in my head so pray for me…

In this show, Grider claimed that God spoke to Him through the Holy Spirit. This establishes Grider as a self-proclaimed prophet. According to Grider, God instructed him personally to watch Trump as he fulfilled ancient Bible prophecies right before our eyes:

[T]he Lord began tapping on my shoulder, and the Holy Spirit said to me (not audibly, but through prayer) the Holy Spirit began to speak to me and said “I want you to keep an eye on that guy, because he is somebody that you need to watch and pay attention to.” And then it seemed that each passing month, each passing week, each passing day, unbelievable things began to bubble up to the surface. Like for example, on his first day in office, Donald Trump was exactly 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old on the first full day after his swearing-in as President. And even more amazingly than that, that on May 14, 1948 Donald Trump was exactly 700 days old. And the reason why we’re talking about this now…70th and 70 are God’s numbers when it comes to endtimes Bible prophecy related to the nation of Israel and to the Jewish people.

Numerology aside, and putting aside the suspicious claim that God directly tells people “who to watch” for endtimes prophecy fulfillment…notice the setting of dates without setting dates. Grider’s audience was waiting with bated breath for May 14, 2018 to arrive. What was going to happen? Would the embassy address change usher in the non-existent Psalm 83 war? Would Jesus appear in the sky? Would God utterly change the makeup of the Middle East and shake it into pieces?

May 14, 2018 came, and God in the flesh did not. There were a few skirmishes over the new street address of the embassy, and since then everyone has gone silent. Certainly we never saw a war, never saw a Middle East shakeup, and not a single Christian was whisked alive to heaven. Grider failed, as he has failed for years. And just as we predicted on NTKC, Geoffrey quit talking about the date.

Well, he is at it again. Geoffrey Grider apparently just doesn’t want to get a real job, so he needs to keep the hype machine running. Grider’s latest prediction? Bill Gates and his vaccination dreams are a forerunner to the mark of the beast system – if not the MOB itself. It is here, it is in place, things will never be the same. We will stand and watch as the world morphs from what it was in 2019, to what it will be in the “Great Tribulation.”

Wow. Talk about putting everything into the chip pile. Grider has effectively bet his entire fake ministry on the current pandemic situation. And wouldn’t you know it, his online audience couldn’t be happier. This is why they follow Now The End Begins in the first place.

Here is our take on Grider’s claims.

Grider has been crowing that he “told us” 2020 would be a crazy year.

Every chance he gets, Geoffrey boasts that he “called for 2020 to be a ‘year of incredible change’” – and he was right because of the pandemic and the economic impact. That’s false. Grider told us a number of times that 2020 was an election year and it was going to be a wild election. Like everyone in the endtimes industry, Geoffrey Grider always looks in the rear-view mirror to prove his futurist speculations.

Here is what Grider actually said on his December 3, 2019 Now The End Begins post:

I feel in my heart of hearts that 2020 is going to be a pivotal year, and that regardless of who wins the election, it is going to get mean, ugly and dangerous everywhere you look in America.

Anything in there about a worldwide shutdown due to pandemic? Nope. Just an easy prediction that this was going to be a pivotal election year and probably ugly. Most elections could be called “pivotal”, and for the first time we are considering re-electing an extraordinarily polarizing, IMPEACHED President. And we have been watching the Left melt down for many years now.

Grider never once said that 2020 would be wild and crazy because a worldwide pandemic would shut down daily life. But now he is claiming that his predictions are coming to pass.

Grider claims that he predicted a global shaking under Donald Trump, and that shaking is now happening.

Grider claimed back on May 13, 2018 that the global shaking had begun. Now he is claiming it has begun again. Of course, for a man who runs a site called “Now The End Begins” for more than 10 years, it isn’t surprising that he can claim a specific event can “begin” multiple times. It is typical of these people to change their prophecy dates as the news changes.

Grider’s claim is misleading at best. This pandemic has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump. As President, Trump has a key role to play in it, but the fact that Trump is in office did not cause the pandemic.

Bill Gates is a proven monster who wants to kill people.

The only evidence anyone can dredge up about Bill Gates and his disrespect for human life, is that he is obviously an abortion supporter like his father and mother. Otherwise, Gates’ stated goals have been to save lives through vaccination, not kill people deliberately. Gates might be greedy and lustful for more power, more money. Then why would he want to kill off most of his customers?

We will see Gates develop a vaccine that he will then force on the entire global population.

It remains to be seen whether Gates’ investments will result in the vaccination that inevitably will be used against COVID-19. Depending on the source, there appear to be anywhere from 20 – 80 separate organizations working on a vaccine, and Gates has plans to invest in seven of them.

Regardless, Gates cannot “force” all of the countries of the world to take his vaccines. But when you see the Beast everywhere you look, your imagination can get carried away.

What’s Geoffrey Grider going to say when time passes and Gates fades into the background?

What’s he going to say if time passes and Gates does indeed produce a vaccine, or even a chip that tracks vaccinations – and no rapture happens?

What will he say if this pandemic really does lead to a government out of control, with crushing economic hardship, famine, or war – and no rapture to heaven, no Endtimes Antichrist person running the show? Does Grider have enough foundation in his ministry to help Christians if that happens? Can he preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ for salvation if that happens?

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  1. I’m beginning to notice Grider’s gospel is the gospel of the pretrib rapture. He even wrote an article in he past year or so saying it’s high time people regarded the pretrib rapture to be one of the doctrines of the faith!

    And I’ve also noticed in more recent times he’s begun to use phrases like “…the Lord showed me that…..” or “…the Lord told me….” So, yes, as you say, he’s claiming to be prophetic, even as he rails against the false prophets of charismaticism! But of course, he can’t see this……

  2. I’m really happy I stumbled across this article because after watching the RNC last week it was really hard for me as a born again Christian to listen to Trump and the Republicans constantly using the Name of Jesus and God when I disagree so much with that administration. My only prayer this week was for God to give me a revelation on what His will is for President Trump. I too have had God “tell” me to watch President Trump. On the night he announced that he was running for president, God awoke me from a horrifying nightmare that brought me out of my bed onto my knees in fear for what is to come. and I do think we are in the 7 year reign of the antichrist… if it is indeed Trump. The job title and credentials fit him well: the abomination that will cause desolation, and everyone will be following him blindly in the name of God. On the other side, apparently before everything happens God will send his “angel” to warn everybody or something…. and the RNC is so dang convincing that they come from a place of God. It was so confusing to watch. I’m praying for a revelation from God about what His will is for Trump… but UNTIL I RECEIVE THAT REVELATION… I will not change my stance on him… because God forbid I am right… that this trump is the evil one who is to come… then I would never want my vote to be on record that I supported him… and I wouldn’t even for a SECOND want to have believed that this man was a true man of God. Thanks for listening. God help us.

  3. According to the Bible God chooses those in leadership positions. We get the leaders we deserve NOT what we would like. The Democratic party is NOT Christian. Vote for Biden and you vote for everything that God mentions in the Bible that we should not do. Kind of suprised there are any true Christian Democrats since they taunt God

    1. I agree with you totally. A Christian will not vote for a party candidate that promotes the killing of unborn babies nor the candidate that promotes same-sex marriage. Both of these sins are condemned by God in the scriptures and are called by God himself an abomination to Him. God destroyed two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, because of the sin of homosexuality. God hates the sin, but loves the sinner so much that he made a way for that sinner and all sinners to be forgiven and cleansed from sin by the blood of His Son Jesus. Romans chapter 10 verses 9 and 10 (KJV) explain to us the simple plan of salvation offered to us through Christ Jesus. May God’s will be done. Amen

      1. Need to STOP approving baby-killers and homosexuals with the nonsensical phrase, “God hates the sin, but loves the sinner…” What a damnable contradiction. God does not love the sinner, unless the sinner repents and turns to God for his salvation. The sinner will end up in hell… now that’s loving the sinner, right? So, STOP with the wicked nonsense.

  4. Truly Grider is one of many end times charlatans out there. He preaches a false gospel- when he preaches a gospel at all. Because most of the time he is hyoing end times stuff. He shouts condemnation at people on the streets of Augustine, Florida and thinks he is attracting people to God.

    But, his followers love him. They can’t get enough of his shtick because when there is any disagreement that he can’t refute Biblically he just bans the “offender”. Then like the hypocrite that he is he cries about being banned from other platforms. Hopefully he will come to a saving faith before it’s too late. And then he will also realize just what a false message he has been shouting all these years.

    1. I recognise your name you were a frequent reader of NTEB, what brought about your change in opinion if I may ask. I also no longer read the site or subscribe to their thinking.

      1. Thanks for your comment, so sorry that I am late in approving it. I stopped getting notices from the blog. Hope all is well.

      2. Joseph, what brought about your change in thinking? I was banned from NTEB when Grider caught wind of my video exposing his strange fundraising practices.

    2. NTEB is so full of krap! Constant misinformation and false predictions, just as Jesus warned about these type of wolves in the end of days. Shame so many are being misled by this nefarious site.
      BOYCOTT DISQUS, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and other anti-free speech sites. Unpatriotic companies.

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