Who are you, and what is this site all about?

I am a nobody from nowhere who cares about truth.

At least, as deeply as a born-again sinner can care. As a man, I am a born liar and remain a liar at heart. We are all liars. We don’t know truth like God does. And we don’t really want to know the truth. We like to be comfortable.

That being said, all of us believers in The Truth (Jesus Christ) have an obligation to be as truthful as we can. We at least should be always honestly assessing what we believe and why. We should stick with what we know. And we should be willing to admit when we are wrong or that we don’t know something.

I don’t know everything, not even close. I am on a journey too. I don’t intend to “teach” here, I intend to share what I have learned and hopefully I will learn too.

I was raised a strict dispensationalist, fundamentalist, pre-millennial, pre-tribulation believer, from age 5. I have spent the last 10 years digging into what I was taught about a lot of things. I have been surprised at what I have learned. And surprised at how much I was taught that wasn’t truth. It has also been my experience that the fundamentalist dispensational view of scripture has a deeply serious flaw:

At its heart, dispensational doctrine does not teach a desire or pursuit of the truth. Rather, it is built upon a system that tells its followers that they already know everything, and everyone else is wrong, or a fool, or a mocker of God’s Word.

This leads to lots of problems that I have both observed and actually lived. It leads to cults and cult-like groups. It leads to arrogance and mean-spirited dialog. It leads to ridiculous twisting of scripture to prop up bad doctrine. And perhaps worst of all, it leads to idolatry.

I don’t pull punches when I deliver what I believe, so please excuse some of my tone. I am not nearly as caustic as the words on the page seem to be. I trust that I do this in love and with passion:

  • Love for my Savior Jesus Christ and a passion to see HIS current kingdom glory more evident everywhere
  • Love for people who are searching for better answers
  • Love for the truth to be told, everywhere

Sometimes I make YouTube videos when I have time. You can find that channel here.